On May 2nd 2019, local residents from across Bracknell Forest will vote for their local Borough Councillors as well as the local Town or Parish Councillors depending on which part of Bracknell Forest they reside in. This page aims to give you an overview of what you’re voting for in these elections.

Any residents over the age of 18 are entitled to vote, so long as they are registered prior to the deadline of Midnight on Friday 12th April.
You can make sure your voice isn’t lost by registering to vote on the GOV.UK Website

You can find our more about our candidates and our commitments below:


Bracknell Forest is a unitary authority, meaning that we have single-tier local government (i.e. there’s no County Council for Berkshire). The Borough Council is therefore responsible for all local government services, ranging from roads and street lighting all the way through to housing benefits and social care.

Bracknell Forest Council is made up of 42 Councillors, split across the Borough’s 18 wards. Currently, this consists of 41 Conservatives and 1 Labour Councillor. This imbalance and lack of political diversity means that the views of many residents are not represented. This also provides questions over the level of scrutiny exercised by the local authority.


If you live in Bracknell or Sandhurst, you will receive a second ballot paper on May 2nd in order to vote for your Town Councillors. These are elected bodies which focus on issues such as the local environment and public spaces, planning advice and providing community grants.

Bracknell Town Council currently consists of 25 Conservatives and 2 Labour Councillors, providing the same imbalance as the borough Council. Sandhurst Town Council however is represented exclusively by 24 Conservatives, with absolutely no opposition. Is this healthy for a democracy?


If you live in Binfield, Crowthorne, Warfield or Winkfield then your second ballot paper will be to elect members to your local Parish Council. Parish Council’s have similar remits to the Town Councils, however they tend to cover communities of small hamlets and villages rather than larger settlements such as Bracknell Town.

Some Parish Councils, such as Finchampstead, required their members to be independent and not run under the banner of a political party.
This is however not the case in for the parishes of Bracknell Forest. For example, Crowthorne Parish Council currently comprises of 12 Conservatives and no opposition.