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LED Lighting Update – Thomas Parker


TIDE BEGINS TO TURN ON STREET LIGHTING An update from Local Campaigner Thomas Parker. When I began knocking on doors in my ward of Wildridings & Central Bracknell, I spoke to over 300 residents and they were very clear that the new LED street lighting was an issue. It was not designed with the complexities [...]

LED Lighting Update – Thomas Parker2018-09-18T17:16:48+00:00

Our Commitment to Bracknell’s EU Citizens


OUR COMMITMENT TO BRACKNELL'S EU CITIZENS In our borough, there are thousands of residents who find their origins in a country within the European Union. We've been out speaking to these residents to reinforce our commitment to guaranteeing the rights of these individuals. It's important in the chaos of Brexit and the rhetoric that gets [...]

Our Commitment to Bracknell’s EU Citizens2018-09-06T15:12:50+00:00

Council Misleading Over Street Lighting Pilot


COUNCIL MISLEADING OVER STREET LIGHTING PILOT The Wildridings and Central Team with a street light in Wildridings During our campaign against the substandard quality of residential street lighting across the borough, Local Campaigner Thomas Parker gave a speech in the form of a deputation at the local Council meeting in April 2018 on [...]

Council Misleading Over Street Lighting Pilot2018-09-10T13:38:40+00:00

In Touch with the Community – Sandhurst


LOCAL SANDHURST CAMPAIGNERS ENGAGE WITH RESIDENTS ON LOCAL ISSUES We've been out talking to a number of residents across Sandhurst over the last few weeks about their local concerns and what they'd like to see done in the area as part of the Bracknell Lib Dem Residents' Survey. Local Sandhurst campaigners Mike Forster and Dan [...]

In Touch with the Community – Sandhurst2018-06-06T00:02:36+00:00

Wildridings Street Sign Campaign


SORTING OUT YOUR STREET SIGNS IN WILDRIDINGS The missing sign in Bishopdale, one of many across Wildridings YOU SAID... Residents near Wildridings shops said that they had tried to contact the Council about the missing street sign at the end of Bishopdale but with no luck. Residents in Malham Fell and Threshfield also [...]

Wildridings Street Sign Campaign2018-05-13T22:07:11+00:00

Give Us a Voice on Downshire Way


GIVE RESIDENTS A VOICE ON DOWNSHIRE WAY YOU SAID... Residents who live in the streets along Downshire Way (Leverkusen Rd, Old Bracknell Lane West etc), the Fire Authority and the Ambulance Service are unhappy that Downshire Way is going to be converted into a dual carriageway (after being rejected once before). The major reason for [...]

Give Us a Voice on Downshire Way2018-05-04T18:22:07+00:00

Cleaning up Easthampstead and Wildridings


KEEPING EASTHAMPSTEAD AND WILDRIDINGS CLEAN YOU SAID... Residents in Easthampstead told us that they were frustrated with the amount of litter being left around St. Michael's School and the local shops in Easthampstead. Residents who live along Downshire Way said they were disgusted with the state of the underpass and the banks on both sides [...]

Cleaning up Easthampstead and Wildridings2018-05-01T23:52:04+00:00

Residential Street Lighting Campaign


LOCAL LIB DEM TEAM TAKES ACTION ON STREET LIGHTS Your local Lib Dem Campaigners Terry Enga, Mike Forster, Steve Pope, Thomas Parker and James Dunsmuir YOU SAID... We spoke to over 400 residents in Wildridings and Easthampstead about the residential street lighting in their area and residents were very unhappy with the quality [...]

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