I was shocked and saddened to wake up on Tuesday morning to the news of the terrible events in Manchester. Terrorism of all forms is depraved and beyond any justification, but the deliberate targeting of children and young people makes this attack even more perverse. My thoughts and prayers remain with the victims and their [...]

Lib Dem Commitment on Refugees


I want you to imagine waking up tomorrow to discover that the world around you, your community, your country, has erupted into a sudden, violent, bloody war. In that moment everything you take for granted about life in a civilised, settled, peaceful and secure society is savagely stripped away. You head out to the shops, [...]

Schools Funding Update


Last week I wrote about the financial challenges facing our schools and my commitment to fight to properly protect education funding. Today the Lib Dems announce bold plans not only to protect funding going forward but to address the emerging deficit in school budgets since 2015. The Tories remain in complete denial about this issue [...]

Big beasts return to Lib Dem front line as Tim Farron announces election campaign team


Vince Cable, Jo Swinson and Ed Davey return to shadow cabinet The Liberal Democrats have announced a new General Election Campaign Team, with former ministers including Jo Swinson, Vince Cable and Ed Davey all returning to the Lib Dem frontbench. I’m delighted to announce my new campaign team, which sees some big beasts of the [...]

The ethnicity pay gap is unacceptable. The Lib Dems are fighting to close it.


Lib Dems announce plan to introduce mandatory reporting on the ethnicity pay gap for organisations with 250 employees or more Today, we at the Lib Dems are proud to announce our plan to introduce mandatory reporting on the ethnicity pay gap for organisations with 250 employees or more. Why? Because we think it’s shocking that [...]

Liberal Democrats hit highest ever membership on eve of local elections


We’re thrilled to announce that the Lib Dems have hit our highest ever number of members, smashing our high watermark of 101,768 members in 1994. It’s fantastic timing, as our leader Tim Farron is in Oxford today, rallying activists in the local election campaign. In the two weeks since the general election was called, more [...]

Benefit cuts and Brexit squeeze to leave 3 million families £2,500 worse off


Planned benefit cuts by the Conservative government combined with soaring inflation will leave nearly 3 million working households an average of £2,500 a year worse off, according to analysis by the Institute of Fiscal Studies. Low inflation over the last two years has meant the government's freeze on most working-age benefits has only amounted to [...]