We’ve been out talking to a number of residents across Sandhurst over the last few weeks about their local concerns and what they’d like to see done in the area as part of the Bracknell Lib Dem Residents’ Survey.

Local Sandhurst campaigners Mike Forster and Dan Biddle are eager to help in the community and are taking on board your feedback in order to work on the issues that matter to you and your family. So far we’ve heard concerns about pavements, residential street lighting, libraries and litter at Wildmoor Heath. Mike and Dan have already begun planning how to tackle these issues and we’re planning a litter pick at Wildmoor Heath to make sure the area stays clean so that we can preserve our wonderful green spaces in Sandhurst.

We’ve been working hard all across the borough on issues such as the new lighting and we’d love to continue serving residents in Sandhurst and further afield.

How to get in touch:

If you have a local concern, please do let us know as part of our Residents’ Survey or contact your local campaigners Mike and Dan directly.